Started by One Man & His Years of Machining Experience

The Beginning

After working in machine shops for 20 years, Ralph Finken began his own machining services in 1990 in a small existing cement building on the farm Ralph grew up. Ralph's first machine was a used Index vertical manual mill that he purchased at an auction. His first lathe was a used Jet horizontal manual lathe. Ralph performed machining work for one company, local farmers, and area implement dealers. Soon he also began performing jobs for other local companies that needed custom-made parts.


Ralph built a 30' x 32' shop and 12' x 16' office just on the north side of the cement building he was currently in. His family members helped build the shop and office. In 1992 Ralph hired his first employee. The first vertical CNC mill was a Tree Journeyman 325 Mill. In 1995 Ralph bought his first horizontal CNC lathe, a Daewoo Puma 6S. Ralph's son, Mark, joined the company that year. It was then that the first computer was bought and used for payroll.


Ralph incorporated and named the company Galaxy Precision, Inc. In 2000 Ralph's daughter, Sharon, joined the company. Additions were built onto the shop and a new office was added as Galaxy Precision grew. Mark and Sharon are also co-owners of Galaxy Precision, Inc.


Galaxy Precision has used Shoptech E2 Software, a total shop control system used to keep jobs on schedule, material ordered on time and track production times for each operation. Barcoded travelers and scan guns are used to easily track time on each operation of each job. Galaxy also uses Gibbs CAM Software to enable advanced programming and improve efficiency. SolidWorks CAD Software is used to generate 3-D drawing files. These files are used in conjunction with Gibbs CAM to accurately and efficiently program the CNC mills, lathes, and multi-function machines.


The shop floor houses over 30 CNC machines, including both vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers, some with pallet changers and others with rotating pallets and high pressure through-spindle-coolant and probing systems to make production as cost effective as possible. Galaxy also utilizes large and small CNC turning centers with tailstocks and some with Live Tooling (milling capabilities), Y-Axis (above and below center machining) and C-Axis (spindle indexing). Bar loaders are used to help optimize machining efficiencies. Milling capabilities up to 40" x 84". Turning capability up to 36" diameter x 10 ft long with live tooling.

In 2017, Galaxy Precision purchased its first new Citizen CNC Swiss Machine. The second one was purchased in 2018 and the a third was
purchased in 2019.

All three CNC Swiss Multi-Axis Machines are 32 mm (1-1/4”) Capacity with simultaneous machining on both the main-spindle and sub-spindle at the same time. They also have live tooling, spindle indexing, 2000 PSI through-tool coolant and 12 ft. servo bar loaders. These machines have both turning and milling capability so they can make a part complete. This makes the manufacturing of high precision, high production machined parts a lot more efficient and lowers the price of the parts.”


Galaxy Precision has over 25 employees and continues to progress in new technology and efficiency.

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