Galaxy Precision's Machining Shop & CNC Abilities

What is Machining?

In general, machining means to take a piece of stock material, such as a piece of steel, aluminum, plastic, or any other material, and turn it into a part or a prototype. This is done by using controlled methods to remove excess material and create a specific piece. The methods used to remove excess material can be computer controlled (CNC - Computer Numeric Controlled) or performed manually. At Galaxy Precision we utilize a variety of CNC turning and milling centers to manufacture complete parts to our customers specifications. We have a tool room to build work-holding fixtures and special tooling to make our operations efficient and continue to improve our processes.

Two Doosan DNM 5700 CNC Vertical Machining Centers, High Pressure Thru-Spindle Coolant, Probing System

Some of Our CNC Lathes & Mills

Doosan Puma 3100ULY

  • Doosan Puma 3100ULY CNC Lathe w/ Hydraulic Chuck and 36" Swing, Over 10 Feet of Turning Length
  • Live Tooling (Milling): Y-Axis (Above and Below Center Machining), C-Axis (Spindle Indexing), X-Axis & Z-Axis
  • Tool Setter, Programmable Tailstock, Steady Rest
  • New 2014

Hyundai Wia KH63G

  • Hyundai Wia KH63G CNC Horizontal Mill w/ (2) 25" Pallets, Cat 50 Taper Spindle
  • 1,000 PSI Thru-Spindle Coolant, Probing System, 90 Tool Magazine
  • New 2012

Doosan HC400II

  • Doosan HC400II Horizontal Mill w/ (2) 16” Rotating Pallets
  • 1,200 PSI Thru-Spindle Coolant, 60 Tool Magazine, Full 4thAxis
  • New 2016

Doosan Lynx 220LSYC

  • Doosan Lynx 220LSYC CNC Lathe w/ LNS Servo Barfeeder
  • New 2016
  • Main Spindle: Royal Quick-Grip Dead Length, Sub-Spindle: Chuck
  • Live Tooling (Milling): X-Axis, Z-Axis & C-Axis (Spindle Indexing) On Main & Sub Spindles
  • Live Tooling (Milling): Y-Axis (Above and Below Center Machining) On Main & Sub Spindles
  • These capabilities allow this machine to manufacture complete parts including features which would normally need to be completed in a milling machine after the lathe work is completed.
  • This makes manufacturing more efficient, reducing costs and saving the customer money.

Hwacheon 700

  • Hwacheon 700 CNC Lathe w/ 24" Chuck and 36" Swing, 84" Center to Center
  • Tool Setter, Programmable Tailstock
  • New 2012

Doosan Lynx 220LC

  • Doosan Lynx 220LC CNC Lathe w/ LNS Servo Barfeeder
  • 2-5/8" Spindle and Barfeed Capacity
    Parts Catcher, Tool Setter, S26 Collet
  • New 2013

Doosan Mynx 7500

  • Doosan Mynx 7500 Heavy Duty CNC Vertical Mill, 60" x 30" x 25", Cat 50 Taper Spindle
  • High Pressure Thru-Spindle Coolant, Complete Probing System, 40 Tool Magazine
  • New 2013

Haas VF-5

  • Haas VF-5 CNC VMC, Probing System, TSC
    60" x 26" x 25", Cat 40 Taper Spindle
  • New 2011

Haas VF-9

  • Haas VF-9 CNC VMC, Probing System, TSC
    84" x 40" x 30", Cat 50 Taper Spindle
  • New 2010